Egypt Padel Tour


Egypt Padel Tour

EPT is a series of professional padel tournaments all over Egypt.

These tournaments are your pathway to becoming the best at the sport, we plan & organize our tournaments with the highest standards.

Our goal

Creating a big family for the sport in Egypt along with “nourishing” a healthy environment to enable players to either pursue their passion for Padel & become professional players, or just enjoy taking part in tournaments designed to make sure they give it their best

Why EPT ?

We are introducing the first ranking system for the game of padel in Egypt, so you will be ranked based on your points gathered from playing in the tour!

In our tournaments, everything is managed automatically, registrations &timelines simple & clear. Communications is hassle-free via multiple methods.

Also, diversity is key, where different divisions are available to make sure everyone can take part! From open levels A,B & C to Seniors, Women, mixed & juniors.

Our Values