Egypt Padel Tour


Egypt Padel Tour

Porto Golf Tournament Rules & Regulations

1. All group matches are 1 normal set with regular deuce and advantage.

2. For Level C GroupStage:
The 1st of each group will qualify directly to Round 16
The 2nd place of group 8 only will qualify for Round 16.

3. For Level B GroupStage:
The 1st of each group will qualify directly to the Quarter-Final.
For group 5 and group 6, the 2nd place of the group will also qualify to the Quarter-Final as they are groups of 4 teams.

4. For Mixed GroupStage:
The 1st and 2nd places of the group will qualify directly to the Final match.

5. For levels B & C Knockouts:
Quarter-finals are 2 mini-sets with final set of Super tiebreak
Semi-finals & Finals are 2 normal sets.

6. For Level A:
2 normal sets for all matches starting from Round 16.

7. The 2nd of each group will be determined by matches won, and in case of draw with 2 other teams within the group will be decided by the net games won. And in case of draw in the net games won, will be the Head to Head who decides the 2nd of the group.

8. A delay of 10 mins for any of the matches will be considered walk-over and the team will lose the match. Please be on time, as not to push the whole schedule.

9. In case of a no-show for a team in a group, all other teams will automatically receive a +6 as a result of the withdrawal of the team.

10. Please sign up your name when you arrive at the registration desk next to the courts.

11. After each match, the winners should submit the scores at the registration desk. It is the winner responsibility to go and submit the score, otherwise match score will not be counted.

12. Prize Money Winners:
Level C:
Level B:
Level A:
-Quarter-finalists (If they won a match in Round 16)

Thanks & Good Luck for All!